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  • Hong kong Electronic Fair ReportHKTDC Electronics Fair is the worlds largest consumer electronics exhibition. The establishment of efficient and effective contact platform for exhibitors and buyers to create bright business. The exhibition is divided into spring and autum...

    10-30 2015

  • Alzheimer tracker from ReachfarLast week I bought a GPS pendant for my mother who is in residential care with dementia on Hong Kong Electronic Fair. I am really thanks to the girl was speaking Alzheimers tracker when I walked their booth. I had to say, i was attracted. T...

    10-27 2015

  • Advice of GPS Tracker Used in American and CanadaYesterday I went to meet my friends who in the field of cross-border electricity.They expressed a keen interest in our new products 7 in 1 multifunctional GPS. Our usual main market of cross-border electricity is European and American area....

    09-22 2015

  • 27 years old Beijing boy was missing in the travel of ZhuhaiAccording to report,Mr.Meng had a meeting with his colleague in Zhuhai,and book the air ticket on 20 Spe.After the meeting,Mr.Meng went to the nearby island by train.According to Mengs friends said,after 18 Spe,he send message to Meng,and h...

    09-16 2015

  • After 90 hours,missing traveler was foundOn Feb 12th,13 people from Traveler Club went to Mount Tai together by informal way.Two of them had lost on the way back. On 5:00 PM, the police received a phone call,came from a man who said he was the traveler claimed Mount Tai,and now he...

    08-29 2015

  • Don't Leave Your Kids in the CarIn the noon of the day before yesterday, Ivy went super market for shopping. On the way to home, she saw a lot of people round a red car. They keeping look in the car, and seems very worried. Ivy was curious and went to have a look. Through...

    08-15 2015

  • How to protect your home?Summer has come .is not very excited and enjoyable it? Finally can get a happy holiday! But we can not forget that security work can not be taken lightly.Many people had end of vacation back home have been thieves looted all valuables such...

    08-15 2015

  • Mini hidden personal gps tracker help you establish a reporting systemIt is summer holiday now, some children are enjoying their holiday with their parents, some may join in a camp, but some may stay at home with their old grandparents in the countryside because their parent have to work and have no time to t...

    08-07 2015

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