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  • ReachFar 2023 CNY holidayDear clients, To celebrate Chinese traditional Spring Festival, ourcompany will start 2023 CNY holiday from 17th - 29th January.As most logistics companies will stop accepting parcels onJanuary 14, we will stop order shipments on the same d...

    01-11 2023

  • What has ReachFar done to improve GPS tracker service?As a professional GPS tracker manufacturer with over 10 years experience, we ReachFar Tech has improved our services a lot on aspects of development, hardware and software. Firstly, considering the popularity of 4G network in most countries...

    09-27 2022

  • V36 Elderly careNeeds analysis:A nursing home needs a batch of smart GPS watch for the elderly. The GPS watch is supposed to be with waterproof, SOS button for help, Pill reminder, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, and so on. Functions introduction...

    08-30 2022

  • Pet application caseDemands Analysis:To prevent the loss of pets, Linda who owns a pet store, needs GPS tracker with Real-time positioning and a nice appearance. Functions in use:RF-V30 pet GPS tracker has a novel appearance, small size and paw shape with desi...

    08-30 2022

  • Solar GPS Positioner Ship Positioning SOS CaseProduct demands:The number of small vessels is increasing day by day in a city Fujian, and most of vessels common features are light tonnage, small operating range, easy to cross-border operations, and prone to sea accidents. This is the re...

    08-30 2022

  • Solar GPS Livestock Application CaseSolar GPS Livestock Application Case Analysis of demands:Mr. Zhang found that he always lost several sheep and cow when counting hundreds of his livestock monthly. And this situation will cause huge loss if not being stopped. It is necessar...

    08-30 2022

  • RF-V13 Anti-theft application caseRF-V13 Anti-theft application case Needs analysis:One of our Italian customers needs trackers for vertical interactive communication machines in pharmacy. It is necessary to check the location of each machine and the alarm information when...

    08-30 2022

  • GPS Locator CaseApplication case of kindergarten childrens GPS positioning communicator Needs analysis:When children leave their parents for the first time for a long time, they would easily forget their parents phone numbers, and their parents are also wo...

    08-30 2022

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