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  • Upgrade NotificationDear Users and Agents In order to provide better and more stable platform and App services for users, the platform will carry out server maintenance and upgrades from 6:00 PM on Nov 27th,2023 Beijing time. It is expected that the maintenanc...

    11-27 2023

  • Start the era of intelligent animal husbandry and intelligent stockingWith the continuous development of the Internet of Things and the continuous progress of science and technology, smart projects such as intelligent animal husbandry, intelligent city, intelligent campus and intelligent park have emerged. Th...

    03-27 2023

  • Anytracking/ReachFar App not enabled problem solution— for 4G GPS tracker models V23, V43, V44, V45For the first time use of our 4G GPS trackers designed by ReachFar Tech, some of your local SIM card needs to configure APN to enable the tracker use SIM cards data for App online and operations. How to judge whether my tracker SIM card nee...

    03-08 2023

  • ReachFar 2023 CNY holidayDear clients, To celebrate Chinese traditional Spring Festival, ourcompany will start 2023 CNY holiday from 17th - 29th January.As most logistics companies will stop accepting parcels onJanuary 14, we will stop order shipments on the same d...

    01-11 2023

  • What has ReachFar done to improve GPS tracker service?As a professional GPS tracker manufacturer with over 10 years experience, we ReachFar Tech has improved our services a lot on aspects of development, hardware and software. Firstly, considering the popularity of 4G network in most countries...

    09-27 2022

  • V36 Elderly careNeeds analysis:A nursing home needs a batch of smart GPS watch for the elderly. The GPS watch is supposed to be with waterproof, SOS button for help, Pill reminder, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, and so on. Functions introduction...

    08-30 2022

  • Pet application caseDemands Analysis:To prevent the loss of pets, Linda who owns a pet store, needs GPS tracker with Real-time positioning and a nice appearance. Functions in use:RF-V30 pet GPS tracker has a novel appearance, small size and paw shape with desi...

    08-30 2022

  • Solar GPS Positioner Ship Positioning SOS CaseProduct demands:The number of small vessels is increasing day by day in a city Fujian, and most of vessels common features are light tonnage, small operating range, easy to cross-border operations, and prone to sea accidents. This is the re...

    08-30 2022

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