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  • New product RF-V38 GPS Watch trackerA fter a few months of hard work, our new model RF-V38 GPS Watch tracker appears on the market. RF-V38 GPS tracker Main Features: 1.High quality two-way audio calls SOS button for urgent help by long press of side button, phonebook, usual d...

    10-19 2018

  • Skills &Methods of using Pet GPS Tracker -RF-V40H ow does GPS Device work? Firstly, you need buy an anti-lost Pet GPS Tracker , like RF-V40 from ReachFar. Then, here are steps of how to use RF-V40 Pet GPS Tracker : Step 1. Prepare for work : The GPS positioning function of this mini pet...

    10-16 2018

  • What is the range / distance of a GPS tracker?The ReachFar GPS Tracker works over any range and has no distance limitation, unlike other types of tracking devices. The ReachFar GPS Tracker calculates its GPS position using GPS satellites and sends the data to the ReachFars stable and p...

    09-28 2018

  • Car GPS locator good for wireless or wiring trackerC ar GPS positioning tracker is divided into two types, wired GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker . Many people do not know how to choose the right car GPS vehicle tracker ? The following ReachFar explain the characteristics of these two l...

    09-27 2018

  • How to Choose a GPS Tracker for Elderly?W hen tracking elderly members of the family, friends, or someone important to you, all you need is a GPS tracking device . The device can be installed on a vehicle or attached to an item that the person carries with them all the time. But...

    09-21 2018

  • GPS tracker is displaying an inaccurate positionI naccurate GPS data refers to any circumstance in which the location data sent from the tracker to the app does not represent the actual position of your dog or cat. Read on to learn about the nature of GPS technology, to understand why in...

    09-19 2018

  • GPS Tracking Devices: 7 Factors to Consider When Selecting a GPS TrackerHere are the 7 key factors that you should ask yourself before you begin your GPS Tracker search: 1. What am I going to use it for? Think about what activities youll be doing with your GPS Tracker: you want to the GPS Tracker for your pet ,...

    09-14 2018

  • Where can the Solar GPS Tracker be used and How to use it with the holder?R ecently, the new model of RF-V34 Solar GPS Tracker has been on the market. Where can the Solar GPS Tracker be used? 1. If you keep a farm, you dont need to worry about how to manage your sheep and cows in your own farm. 2. If you have you...

    09-12 2018

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