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  • How to fix the issue for some phone or PC can not and anytracking/ reachfar AppRecently we get some clients report ,they can not connect reachfar App and web system while they are on mobile networks, but will only function when connected to wifi. If wifi can be conencted to App and web system,that means...

    03-10 2020

  • How to use a simple product to control the coronavirus outbreakCrises and opportunities come together How to find new business opportunities in coronavirus outbreak Many times opportunities arise in crises. This coronavirus outbreak time, new business opportunities have also been raised, masks, disinfe...

    11-30 2021

  • New Coronavirus Isolation Management SolutionReachFar Tech assisted in New Coronavirus epidemic control, home isolation door magnetic alarm and isolation personnel tracker have been put into use in the field. According to the current knowledge of COVID-19, the main route of transmissi...

    11-30 2021

  • App update NotificationIn order to cope with the launch of new products, our Android App has been updated. Please update the latest version in time at the Google App Store, or scan the QR code below to download and install the latest version of the App. Thank you...

    01-01 2020

  • Who Needs a 4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker?This 4G solar powered GPS tracker is designed based on the market needs. It has below features: 4G LTE+3G WCDMA+2G GSM networks Waterproof IP67 Remove alarm SOS alarm High frequency alarm with loudspeaker GPS positioning, with accuracy of 5...

    08-27 2019

  • How to Use RF-V43 4G Pet GPS Tracker?Step 1. SIM Card Installation, Boot-up and APP Login 1. Install SIM card and boot Before installation, make sure that the device is shut down, SIM card has data flow, telephone charges, caller display is turned on and PIN code is turned off...

    08-17 2019

  • The Best 4G Pet GPS Tracker of 2019In recent years, with the continuous improvement of peoples living standards, pet raising has become more and more popular. While pets bring joy and companionship to people, the safety of pets has been paid more and more attention. The pet...

    08-11 2019

  • How to choose a suitable vehicle GPS trackerNo matter vehicles are super anti-theft or not, there are also many vehicles lost events every day. So GPS vehicle tracking devices are extremely needed in the world. For a customer without background in technology, how to make a right choi...

    06-27 2019

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