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New product launch-the First 4G product (pet GPS tracker RF-V43)[2019-04-20 15:38:52]
ReachFar Tech, as a direct manufacturer of GPS tracker, have been focused on technological development, product innovation for years. Recently, according to relevant sources, their first 4G product will be released soon-pet tracker RF-V43....
Pets are easy to estrus in Spring, how to prevent pets lost?[2019-04-15 21:59:20]
Like humans, pets also have sexual instinct. In order to breed offspring, the estrus mating period of the pet is in the spring. The main performance is unusual excitement, often running around in chaos, and you may lose it if you dont pay a...
Refuse excessive packaging[2019-04-11 21:25:23]
As the commercial development exists everywhere, there are more and more products in the world. Nearly every product uses package for shipment and display before users get it. Therefore, the package ways are various, some of which causes pro...
Make the plans for the year in spring[2019-03-16 15:28:42]
There is an old saying in China that make the plans for the year in spring. This means that the whole years plan will be completed at the beginning of the spring. After that, follow the plan to implement it step by step and achieve your goal...
How to use GPS tracker to carry out elderly home services[2019-03-16 15:19:09]
As living conditions get better and better, human life has become longer and longer. However, one result of the extension of human life is the average age of the worlds total population grows and as the birth rate declines, the average age o...
2019's ReachFar Annual Meeting and 2018 Annual Commendation Conference[2019-03-16 15:02:31]
Shenzhen ReachFar Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2019 Annual Meeting and the 2018 Annual Commendation Conference in 26th,Jan,2019. All of ReachFar Techs staffs attended, Everyone gathered together to share the ceremony,The atmosphere was fil...
How to offer a better protection to your family?[2019-01-29 18:36:05]
D o you want to protect your home better? ReachFar design a solution for you. S henzhen ReachFar Technology Co., Ltd., a technology company specialized in research, production and sales of GPS/Beidou location tracking devices Possessing a n...
How to manage your small fleet with GPS locators[2019-01-24 14:55:36]
T he logistics industry is developing fast; however, it faces the following problems: 1. U nloading of goods during the transportation and the loss of goods. 2. D riving dangerously, stealing fuel, private use of the vehicle. 3. M aster the...
How is a GPS watch produced?[2019-01-18 17:25:19]
H ow to define a good GPS watch? You may assume three things, various functions, exquisite appearance and comfortable wearing. In fact, I believe the most important thing for most people is quality, which determines the long-term stable and...
How to protect your pet?[2019-01-18 16:49:35]
In cities, more and more people will choose a pet to accompany themselves. After all, when this crowd is indifferent, a cute pet brings another comfort to himself. However, pets are not people. Pets missing posters can be found everywhere....
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