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Located in Shenzhen city,China, ReachFar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 which is a technology company specialized in research, production and sales of GPS/Beidou location tracking devices. Possessing a number of independent intellectual property rights and various of international quality certifications, ReachFar has maintained a technological leadership at different times.

Our experienced R&D team has been involved in the research and development of the GPS/Beidou System Positioning Tracker since 2007. The team has worked with 2G-GSM, 3G-WCDMA, 4G-FDD/TDD and NB/LoRa lot communication technologies. Industry applications have developed GPS personal distress alarms, animal GPS trackers, and micro anti-theft alarms in three categories, dozens of tracker models.

ReachFar self-operated GPS positioning tracking platform using AES encryption technology, has been providing stable and safe data and platform & APP services for nearly a million users at home and abroad for 6 years consecutively.

Covering a more than 1,000 square meters of business production sites, ReachFar subordinates R & D, engineering, sales, after-sales, finance, purchasing, QC, production planning and production workshop and more than ten functional departments. The monthly order processing capacity is about 50,000 trackers.

Some typical cases of ReachFar:

1. There are nearly 1,000 agents from 86 countries in the world, including exclusive agencies.

2. Provided OEM/ODM services for more than 50 clients from the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other areas.

3. A project named “12349 convenience for the old” from Baotou Civil Affairs Bureau designated ReachFar as the manufacturer of the platform and electronic nanny (RF-V16, RF-V36).

4. Designated manufacturer of some coastal armed police border detachment ship management platform (RF-V26 enhanced version).

5. Becoming the GPS manufacturer of an ecological livestock farm management system in Inner Mongolia (RF-V26).

6. Became the British government independent worker protection organization certified emergency rescue equipment manufacturer (RF-V16, RF-V28).

7. Designated as the manufacturer of emergency rescue equipment for Republic of Lithuania Government Women and Children Protection Organization (RF-V16, RF-V28).

8. Designated as the GPS positioning equipment manufacturer for a certain Italian civil Alzheimer service organization. (RF-V16, RF-V28, RF-V36).

ReachFar is the core value of our brand: our tech brings people a safe and free life with peace of mind!

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