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RF-V16 isn't online
Date:2023-03-29      Clicks:0

Several days ago I bought a Reachfar Personal GPS tracker RF-V16 from EBay. It is really a nice device but there is a problem, the device can’t work with Reachfar APP and tracking website

I asked the EBay seller, but there is no any answer. It’s really making me angry.

I had to search Reachfar on the Google, luckily I found the manufacture’s And I left a message to tell the problem I met. About 15 minutes I got a reply from Mr. Eric Zheng. He told me the problem is the device didn’t connect with the server.

And ask some question to solve the problem.

1. Is the SMS and calling function work well?

2. What is the ID number of your device?

3. What is the SIM card do you use, 2G, 3G or 4G?

4. Is your SIM card having data plan?

5. What is the APN of your SIM card?

My answer is follow:

1. Yes, SMS and calling work well

2. Device ID: 6410034330

3. 3G ORANGE SIM card

4. Data plan have active

5. I don’t know what is the APN of the SIM card?

He asked me to call the carrier to get the APN. I called the orange and get the APN.

Then I sent the command: apn,my apn#, the device begin to work. It’s amazing.

Eric is warmly and professional, he explained the whole process step by step. Here I share it with everyone, hope it can help the person who met the same problem.

1. Confirm the SMS and calling work or not, if they don’t work. It means the IMEI is not work.

The solution you can contact with Eric

2. If SMS and calling work well, please confirm your SIM card have data plan.

3. If the data plan have activated, please find the APN of the SIM car you use. The best way is call the carrier to get the APN.

4. Send SMS command: apn,yourapn#; the device will work now.

5. If the device still not works, please change a 2G SIM card. Eric told me the best choice is use a 2G (GSM) SIM card, because the device need use GPRS (GSM) network to upload the location data to their server. Some 3G or 4G SIM card can use, but the best is 2G (GSM) SIM card.

6. When you buy a 2G (GSM) SIM card, if it is the same problem. Please do as step 1-4.

If still not work, you can contact with Eric. Follow is his contact way:

Eric zheng/ Sales Manager

RF-GSM Technology (HK) CO., Ltd

Phone: +86(755)83244037; Mobile: +8613717148901

​ Skype: RFGSM-Eric; WhatAPP: 0086-13717148901

Final, I want to introduce RF-V16 personal GPS tracker for you. It’s really a nice GPS tracker, worth to recommend.


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