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How to avoid children lost
Date:2015-11-16      Clicks:0

In today’s society, we care much about children, women and elder security because we always hear of kidnapping, women are raped and murdered and the old are lost. Young couples may not have so much time to keep company their children and parents but their still worry about their security. So I think this mini gps tracker RF-V16 will really help you to figure out this kind of problems.

I first knew this mini device was from my aunt, she uses this RF- v16 to track her son, whether he is safe on the way to school and he also can use the device ask for help when emergency happen. So I am so curious about this mini gps tracking device. My first impression is so small, just 34*40*15mm 27g, very light, sweet and convenient to use.

Now I am going to share with you its function and advantages.

The device uses GSM network and GPRS to send and receive data so we need to choose GSM network based micro SIM card for the RF-V16 (same like Iphone 4). My aunt uses her phone to send massage command to the device to set 2-5 SOS numbers, when the device user come across danger, it can send message or dial the binding phone number. What’s more, we can use app, website and wechat to track the device user at anytime and anywhere.

We can set up geo-fences, whenever the device comes in or out the geo-fence, you will be notified. My aunt set school and house as geo-fence, when her son gets into the geo-fence, she will know his son is safe at school or at home. One weekend, her son wants to buy a cake for his father to celebrate the father’s day but he couldn’t find the way back to home, so use the device to ask him mother to take him home. I think this is great!

The most important reason I love this mini device is because it’s a real-time two voice call device, just like mobile phone in some extent but more than a mobile phone because it’s so small and easy to carry and with long time standby.

So I really want to recommend this RF-V16 for you, it’s only about $ 50 but with powerful function.


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