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  • Start the era of intelligent animal husbandry and intelligent stockingWith the continuous development of the Internet of Things and the continuous progress of science and technology, smart projects such as intelligent animal husbandry, intelligent city, intelligent campus and intelligent park have emerged. Th...

    03-27 2023

  • What has ReachFar done to improve GPS tracker service?As a professional GPS tracker manufacturer with over 10 years experience, we ReachFar Tech has improved our services a lot on aspects of development, hardware and software. Firstly, considering the popularity of 4G network in most countries...

    09-27 2022

  • The strategic partnership between ReachFar and Gurtam the world-renowned platform operatorThe strategic partnership between ReachFar and Gurtam the world-renowned platform operator Do you meet the issue as : Because of your countrys personal information protection regulations, you have required device data to be stored on server...

    06-22 2022

  • How to deal with the elderly who are easy to get lost?Equip the elderly with 4G SOS GPS tracker to prevent them from getting lost The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the risk of heatstroke is increased when the elderly get lost outdoors. In recent years, elderly people often get lost...

    05-28 2022

  • Door magnetic alarm has become a must for business peopleMost people still use the door magnetic alarm during the COVID. In fact, many people do not know that such a small device has played a great role in daily life. Women living alone, only the elderly and families with children, etc. for the s...

    04-15 2022

  • What customization service does ReachFar Tech support?Being a manufacturer of GPS tracking devices, ReachFar Tech also offers various customization service for different clients, especially those who intends to build up their own branded devices and business. As long as clients business boomin...

    01-26 2022

  • ReachFar has released a 4G CAT.1 GPS tracking braceletAs the leading GPS tracker manufacturer in the industry, ReachFar has launched the latest CAT1 version of the 4G positioning GPS bracelet for the elderly. CAT1 positioning GPS bracelet supports 4G full Netcom, using multiple positioning met...

    12-02 2021

  • The big role of smart door magnetic isolation alarm in home isolationSince 2021, Hebei, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shanghai and other places have successively seen cases of new coronavirus epidemics, and the overall situation has been intertwined with sporadic and locally clustered epide...

    12-02 2021

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