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What has ReachFar done to improve GPS tracker service?
Date:2022-09-27      Clicks:0

As a professional GPS tracker manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience, we ReachFar Tech has improved our services a lot on aspects of development, hardware and software.

Firstly, considering the popularity of 4G network in most countries of the world, on development, ReachFar released several 4G GPS tracker models, including personal GPS trackers RF-V45 pendant with wristband, RF-V46 watch with touch screen, RF-V48 bracelet with health management, RF-V50 pendant and RF-V51 pendant with long standby time, pet GPS tracker RF-V43 with LED rolling lights, solar powered GPS tracker RF-V44 with long standby time and GPS helmet RF-V49.

Secondly, in terms of hardware, ReachFar has upgraded the 4G models’ mainboard to Cat1 low power consumption. Besides, the solar panel of solar charged models RF-V26, RF-V26+, RF-V34 and RF-V44 has improved to those more durable and scratch resistant.

To avoid the charging pins being rusted, we also modified the housing mold of RF-V44’s charging position, moving it from the side to bottom as below pictures illustrated.

What’s more. According to the feedback of market, we designed a wristband for our personal GPS tracker RF-V45 pendant.

Thirdly, to improve users’ experience, ReachFar also has improved tracking service by updating software, such as adding fall alarm function into all personal GPS tracker models, including RF-V28 pendant, RF-V45 pendant, RF-V46 GPS watch, RF-V48 bracelet and RF-V50, V51 4G pendants.

To avoid SOS call entering the voice message and being considered the SOS call is picked up and not calling the other SOS numbers, we updated the software on calling process to finish each SOS number calling time in 14 seconds. Thus, the SOS call can go to the other SOS numbers calling processes.

For more and more customers requesting to use their own tracking server, we open the access of two 4G GPS tracker models V45 and V46 SMS command to change IP. Therefore, it is more convenient to integrate our devices to customers’ server.

Though our free tracking App supports more than 14 different languages, there are some translations may be not very accurate. Thus, we correct our App translations according to clients’ needs from different countries, such as the example of this Dutch client.

In conclusion, as more and more customers from over 206 countries and regions use our GPS tracking devices, our service will become better and better, so that our products and service will help people improve their lives in the world.


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