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Please be nice to this 81-year-old man -- To the great ordinary people
Date:2023-12-08      Clicks:0

"U.S. President Joe Biden participated in the National Veterans Day observance at Arlington National Cemetery and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Biden became lost after laying the flowers and did not know which direction to go. He took a step back and hesitated for a few seconds, then crossed himself, then turned back and looked at the officer next to him. The officer was stunned for a moment, then stretched out his hand to point out the direction, signaling the president to return to Vice President Harris.

This incident of getting lost once again raised concerns about Biden's mental state. "

Some time ago, as long as you opened any browser in any language, you could see the news about the President of the United States.

Biden is 81 years old and will inevitably make some mistakes and oversights at his advanced age. If he were an ordinary person, in this state, without his family accompanying him, he would really be very likely to get lost and be in danger.

Many people on the Internet are making fun of this 81-year-old man. I can’t bear it. As a person with more than 10 years of experience in the GPS locator industry, I have served thousands of customers and various projects, including the elderly. Anti-lost safety positioning, children's safety positioning management, women's anti-harassment rescue project, independent worker safety positioning project, etc. Safety positioning for the elderly is the project with the largest number of people among our various business services. Putting aside the differences in ideologies and positions between China and the United States, as a natural person, he is just an 81-year-old man. Even if he is the president of the United States, no matter whether he is in a high position or not, he will get old, get sick, get lost, and feel helpless. Moreover, he is still working at the age of 81 and cannot retire to support his old age. I'm still a little worried!

As we all know, Alzheimer's disease is irreversible, and the mentality of patients and family members is very critical to the development of the disease. It requires more patience, tolerance and understanding. Many of my elderly clients and their family members trained their family members to wear GPS locators in the very early stages of Alzheimer's disease. They developed the habit when the patients were rational and did not resist, and in the later stages they became accustomed to it.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone pay more attention to their family members. Once the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are discovered, they should promptly cultivate and guide their behavioral habits of actively wearing a SOS GPS tracker, GPS watch with SOS quick call function. This will save the guardians a lot in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease,time and energy spent searching for lost family members.


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