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Application case of kindergarten children's GPS positioning communicator

Application case of kindergarten children's GPS positioning communicator

Needs analysis:When children leave their parents for the first time for a long time, they would easily forget their parents' phone numbers, and their parents are also worried about children using smart phone too much if they have one.

Functions introduction:ReachFar's RF-V16 has three function keys. no need to dial a long No, children can press those button for urgent calls; It uses GPS positioning, with which parents can check children's real time position at any time; If they worry about the current situation of children but do not want to disturb them frequently, parents can use remote caring function to listen voice around the device. As children has no concept about danger, parents can set a safety Geo-fence, once a child exceeds the safety area, a short message can be triggered and sent out. Meanwhile, when the child enters a safe area (such as a school), parents can receive a safe notification.

keep your Peace of mind

keep your Peace of mind

Nancy is 72-year-old woman who lives alone.

Nancay's daughter says having the RF-V16 has stopped them both from being upset with each other. now I simply logs onto the website and knows that he has gone for her daily paper, shopping, meetings, etc. Now i am not worried, i am get back peace of mind

freedom and independence

freedom and independence

“We now let Amy go to nearby places on her own,take a solo trip to music class, share free time with his classmate. Now I can see she go to fun places, I can listen-in when I’m concerned for his well-being. She is simplely in heaven, I’m simply a calmer mom!"

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With a branch office in Hong Kong, Shenzhen ReachFar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 which is a technology company specialized in research, production and sales of GPS/Beidou location tracking devices. Possessing a number of independent intellectual property rights and various of international quality certifications, ReachFar has maintained a technological leadersh... {dede:global.cfg_enwebname/}

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What is GPS Tracker for Android phone?
W hat is the GPS Tracker in Android phones? In simple terms, its a GPS Tracker with a GPS module for android. ReachFar offers free App and Web platform for tracking devices, which has two versions, for both android and IOS phones . You can...
How does a GPS tracker work?
G PS technology has rapidly become a part of our daily lives. We use them for navigation, tracking assets and even to keep track of children and loved ones. If you are looking to increase the security of your business assets or looking for...
How does a GPS dog tracking collar work?
I t sounds like magic. Lose your dog. Yet still be able to immediately pin-point his or her exact location! But how does a GPS dog tracking collar actually work? Anyone who has been through the pain of losing their dog even for a short time...
How to install our RF-V03 GPS Tracker
Have you heard the new product of RF-V03 GPS Tracker from Reachfar? If you noted it, you may find that the Vehicle GPS Tracker has be launched in this June. Now the question is do you know how to install this Car tracker? Lets learn the Inst...
Q: Why the positioning location error is so big?
A: The V16 have LBS and GPS positioning system, the device will automatically switch to the LBS positioning system when there is no GPS signal. The LBS system rely on the base station, the positioning accuracy depends on the density of the b...
Q: Why need a SIM card?
A: The V16 itself dont need SIM card, But the GPS device should upload the positioning data to the positioning platform or forward to the guardians phones, so it must plug a SIM card...
Q: what GPS chip is V16 use, positioning accuracy?
A: Use the MTK chip , the positioning accuracy is 5-15 m using in the open space....
Q: What is the battery capacity? Is the battery removable?
A: V16 use high capacity ratio battery, battery capacity is 520 mAh Because V16 is a dedicated GPS car alarm, in order to guarantee the safety of alarm and specially designed for the built-in battery, sealed...
Q: Calling the SOS number, why can’t connect?
A: Please check the V16 SIM card have opened call ID or not? If it doesnt open call id, V16 cant identify incoming calls number, it will decline the call....
Q: My V16 can make a call, but why sometimes platform positioning data is not updated?
A: There are several reasons as follow: 1. Check the GPS traffic has opened? 2. Send dsp# to check V16 current GSM signal, if the GSM signal is not good, the first to be affected is GPRS, next is the text, last is the voice communication; 3...

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