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GPS Locator Case
Date:2022-08-30      Clicks:0

Application case of kindergarten children's GPS positioning communicator

Needs analysis:When children leave their parents for the first time for a long time, they would easily forget their parents' phone numbers, and their parents are also worried about children using smart phone too much if they have one.

Functions introduction:ReachFar's RF-V16 has three function keys. no need to dial a long No, children can press those button for urgent calls; It uses GPS positioning, with which parents can check children's real time position at any time; If they worry about the current situation of children but do not want to disturb them frequently, parents can use remote caring function to listen voice around the device. As children has no concept about danger, parents can set a safety Geo-fence, once a child exceeds the safety area, a short message can be triggered and sent out. Meanwhile, when the child enters a safe area (such as a school), parents can receive a safe notification.


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