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RF-V13 Anti-theft application case
Date:2022-08-30      Clicks:0

RF-V13 Anti-theft application case

Needs analysis:One of our Italian customers needs trackers for vertical interactive communication machines in pharmacy. It is necessary to check the location of each machine and the alarm information when it is opened.

Functions introduction:Reachfar RF-V13 magnetic door alarm has door open alarm and GSM positioning function. By customizing, we add GPS tracking function to RF-V13, then customer can install the magnetic alarm inside the machines. When the machine is opened, the customer's own platform can receive the alarm notifications, then track the machine's location in monitoring center. At the same time, V13 also has voice alarm and vibration alarm which triggers alerts once sound or shake is detected. The customer was very satisfied with our RF-V13 tracker after the sample test and batch purchase was carried out during 2017.


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