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The strategic partnership between ReachFar and Gurtam the world-renowned platform operator[2022-06-21 22:25:54]
The strategic partnership between ReachFar and Gurtam the world-renowned platform operator Do you meet the issue as : Because of your countrys personal information protection regulations, you have required device data to be stored on server...
How to deal with the elderly who are easy to get lost?[2022-05-28 22:23:00]
Equip the elderly with 4G SOS GPS tracker to prevent them from getting lost The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the risk of heatstroke is increased when the elderly get lost outdoors. In recent years, elderly people often get lost...
Door magnetic alarm has become a must for business people[2022-04-15 22:02:56]
Most people still use the door magnetic alarm during the COVID. In fact, many people do not know that such a small device has played a great role in daily life. Women living alone, only the elderly and families with children, etc. for the s...
What customization service does ReachFar Tech support?[2022-01-26 15:43:25]
Being a manufacturer of GPS tracking devices, ReachFar Tech also offers various customization service for different clients, especially those who intends to build up their own branded devices and business. As long as clients business boomin...
How to configure APN to use a GPS tracker? ReachFar Tech give you a solution.[2022-01-14 17:30:04]
Do you meet the problem of tracking App shows device Not Enabled? Thats because your tracker sim cards APN data hasnt preset in the tracker. It makes the SIM card data not being used for location data uploading and display in App. So, how t...
ReachFar has released a 4G CAT.1 GPS tracking bracelet[2021-12-02 14:05:12]
As the leading GPS tracker manufacturer in the industry, ReachFar has launched the latest CAT1 version of the 4G positioning GPS bracelet for the elderly. CAT1 positioning GPS bracelet supports 4G full Netcom, using multiple positioning met...
The big role of smart door magnetic isolation alarm in home isolation[2021-12-02 13:59:55]
Since 2021, Hebei, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shanghai and other places have successively seen cases of new coronavirus epidemics, and the overall situation has been intertwined with sporadic and locally clustered epide...
New Coronavirus Isolation Management Solution[2021-11-30 21:21:35]
ReachFar Tech assisted in New Coronavirus epidemic control, home isolation door magnetic alarm and isolation personnel tracker have been put into use in the field. According to the current knowledge of COVID-19, the main route of transmissi...
How to use a simple product to control the coronavirus outbreak[2021-11-30 21:21:02]
Crises and opportunities come together How to find new business opportunities in coronavirus outbreak Many times opportunities arise in crises. This coronavirus outbreak time, new business opportunities have also been raised, masks, disinfe...
Set up a GPS positioning management platform is very simple![2020-12-24 16:53:38]
As these two years working position switched to technical supports, I found a phenomenon that more and more small companies consulting us about communication protocol for building their own tracking platform. Please note that the focus here...
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