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V36 Elderly care
Date:2022-08-30      Clicks:0

Needs analysis:A nursing home needs a batch of smart GPS watch for the elderly. The GPS watch is supposed to be with waterproof, SOS button for help, Pill reminder, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, and so on.

Functions introduction:ReachFar's RF-V36 smart GPS watch tracker has an SOS button for a quick call When user presses it for 3 second, guardian will receive phone calls, SMS and APP notifications in time for first aid. Besides the smart GPS watch is waterproof IP67, it can be used even when the elderly is swimming and washing dishes. It is vital in a slippery condition like the bathroom with its SOS for help, greatly reducing the loss of accidents. The staff in nursing home can use Real-time tracking function when they want to know the position of any wearer to avoid any lost. In conclusion, this RF-V36 smart GPS watch fits their needs very well and was given a high praise. As a result, this nursing home purchased 800 pcs RF-V36 separately for the old in 2017.


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