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Start the era of intelligent animal husbandry and intelligent stocking
Date:2023-03-27      Clicks:0

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things and the continuous progress of science and technology, smart projects such as intelligent animal

husbandry, intelligent city, intelligent campus and intelligent park have emerged. The most important step of intelligent animal husbandry is to put GPS tracker on cattle and sheep to enable herdsmen to realize intelligent grazing and intelligent management.

What is a GPS Tracker?

What problems can be solved?

1.Can be used for pastoral livestock, beehive farming, aquacul-ture,vehicle

2. 24 hours at any time to know the location of cattle and sheep

3. Can wake up the lights remotely to quickly find cattle and sheep at night

4. One key navigation,intelligent determination of the most con-venient route to find cattle

5. Prevent cattle and sheep from walking into prohibited areas and being fined

6. Prevent from being inpounded for damaging other people’s crops

7. Can solve the problem of aging parents grazing very hard

8. Let herdsmen herding multiple livestock at the same time to save time and effort simple and easy.

Recently, a friend complained that his parents were tired of managing their horse and asked if there was any intelligent management method

I recommend multifunctional solar GPS tracker called RF-V55 from ReachFar manufacturer, which allows herders to stay at home and monitor the precise location of their horse in real time through the APP remote control system.

And tell him the following characteristics:

1. The imported lithium battery with high energy of 30000 mA , which has the advantages of ultra-long standby, low power consumption, faster transfer, and can be used for about one year after charging.

2. The shell is made of advanced PC+ABS super tough material, which can effectively prevent abrasion, extrusion, fall and collision, and is durable, extending the service life of the equipment.

3.The imported 4G chip and large ceramic antenna are used, and the multiple positioning mode GPS positioning, Beidou positioning, WIFI positioning, LBS base station AGPS positioning, with wide coverage, fast star search and accurate positioning.

4.Upgrade the Type-c charging interface for faster and more stable charging, which can effectively improve the charging speed.

5.IP67 waterproof, thickened and sealed shell design, no need to worry about bad environment, especially suitable for outdoor use, even in rainy days.

6.When the cattle or sheep leave the set activity area, the tracker will send an alarm to the APP to effectively prevent the cattle or sheep from being lost or stolen.

7.Record the 90-day historical track, which can be queried and played back at any time. The line composed of positioning points is convenient for finding stray cattle or sheep.

8.High-power LED lights and loud horn beep alarms are easy to be found and searched in dark or dark environment.


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