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  • How does a pet GPS Tracker work?With the development of society, more and more people like to keep pets. Meanwhile, you may find most of them will buy a pet GPS tracker for their pets. Do you know how a pet GPS Tracker work? Firstly, you must choose best GPS pet tracker f...

    11-27 2018

  • What is GPS Tracker for iPhone?What is the GPS Tracker for iPhone? In simple terms, it just a GPS Tracker APP on iPhone. ReachFar offers free App and Web platform for tracking devices, the App has two versions, android for android phone and IOS for iPhone, so you can get...

    11-24 2018

  • What is GPS Tracker for Android phone?W hat is the GPS Tracker in Android phones? In simple terms, its a GPS Tracker with a GPS module for android. ReachFar offers free App and Web platform for tracking devices, which has two versions, for both android and IOS phones . You can...

    11-22 2018

  • How accurate is a GPS watch?W hen you want to buy a GPS tracker, the accuracy must be the most important function. For the ReachFar GPS watch, the accuracy is 5-15m in the open sky. Sometimes youre in office or some closed environment, you cant get the GPS signal. Add...

    11-16 2018

  • Why dose GPS tracker need SIM card?P ay attention when you want to buy a GPS tracker. GPS tracker cant work alone, it needs a SIM card inside, in order to ensure its workable. I want you to know how does a GPS tracker works? First of all, GPS stands global positioning system...

    11-16 2018

  • How to use the GPS tracker with your Android phone?T he GPS tracker must be used with our App in cell phone to perform all of its functions. But how to use them together, especially for Android phone? Now Im going to tell you details. You need to download our free App on your Android phone...

    11-16 2018

  • What GPS watch do I need to choose?Are you looking for a GPS watch and feel confused when you find there are many different types of GPS watch in the market? There are many GPS watch designs with various prices, ranging from less than 10$ to more than 200$ from many online s...

    11-09 2018

  • How does a GPS tracker locate target?Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground base stations. The Global Positioning System is mainly funded and controlled by the U.S Department of Def...

    11-06 2018

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