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How to offer a better protection to your family?

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Do you want to protect your home better? ReachFar design a solution for you.
Shenzhen ReachFar Technology Co., Ltd., a technology company specialized in research, production and sales of GPS/Beidou location tracking devices Possessing a number of independent intellectual property rights and various of international quality certifications, ReachFar has maintained a technological leadership at different times.

Industry applications have developed GPS personal distress alarms, animal GPS trackers, and micro anti-theft alarms in three categories, dozens of tracker models.
So how to make use of modern GPS positioning technology to protect our home and family members better?
Firstly, let us know which fields our home covers.
GPS positioning
Lives in modern cities, there are old and young at home, and also living pets together, they are all our family members, which need our good protection. However, we have much pressure from work, life etc., thus to make use of modern GPS positioning technology to protect our family would be necessary.
Mr.William starts up small company in Shenzhen, with his hardworking in 2 years, now he achieved small success, he picked up his families from hometown, then lives together in Shenzhen.

In order to bring more happiness for family, several months ago, he bought a cat for grandmother, his grandmother felt very surprised for the gift, after dinner every day, grandmother took cat to have a long walk in the park, one time, grandmother was chatting with others in the park, they enjoy themselves in chatting, after finished their talk, grandmother found the cat run out of her sight, at that time, it’s getting dark outside, grandmother felt very nervous, after a long searching, grandmother found the cat, but it was 10pm when grandmother came back to home. William asked his grandmother why came back home so late, grandmother told the details to William, he worried his grandmother’s safety very much, afterwards, he bought a pet GPS tracker for grandmother via pet lovers recommendation, the pet trackers has smart LED rolling lights, which can help person to find their pet more easily in the dark, with the pet tracker, don’t worry grandmother cannot find cat in the dark anymore.

Since the pet tracker brought great convenience to life, William decided to know other similar products on internet, he found there are personal GPS trackers, vehicle GPS trackers and door sensor alarm besides pet GPS trackers. William has great interests in these products, so he bought one device for each type.
location tracking devices
The personal GPS trackers is for his mother gift, because his mother is housewife and stayed at home in most time, it caused his mother is not very familiar with nearby, the personal GPS trackers fits his mother needs, because I has Geo fence+Wifi fence, so that he can know it while his mother’s went out the area he set, then he can remind his mother to pay attention.
GPS personal
The vehicle GPS tracker suits for his car, it is not easy to have their own car, so for most people, it’s a big property, the vehicle GPS tracker has noisy and vibration alarm, he can know the around the car whether it is safe.
door sensor alarm
The door sensor alarm, he installed in his door, as the device has close and open-door alarm, so once strangers came into his house while all family members went outside, they can get alarm in time.
pet GPS tracker
Maybe you will ask, i work outside every day, how can I protect my house? don’t worry, ReachFar can help you solve this worry, as long as you install our App, although you are outside, you also can protect your house at any time.
As below photo,

door sensor alarm vehicle GPS trackers

ReachFar is the core value of our brand: our tech brings people a safe and free life with peace of mind!