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How dose GPS help business?

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As the development of the economy, various industries and jobs have been evolved out. Nowadays, problems of staff management exist in many companies. For example: Long working hours outside the office, the attendance management. The fuel cost of logistics is expensive. Base on the tracking date, we can monitor the outdoor workers, optimize the transport route.
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For instance, Mike works in a real estate company, he manages a sales team. He needs to arranges some colleagues out to develop clients, investigating the market and distribute advertising leaflet etc. These tasks are the routine of their work, the difficulty is how to monitor their work.
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If you work in an office, everyone needs to punch in and punch out to record attendance, and employees interact and communicate in the office, but it is difficult to manage people who are not in the office. In the relatively free working environment which without colleagues and supervisor they may slack off. Their work enthusiasm will be affected by the others. Maybe go for a walk in a park, go a coffee shop in a neighborhood. These will influence both the working efficiency and their working habit.
What would happen if you could track the outdoor workers at any time? Mike bought 10 trackers online and asked his colleagues to take trackers with them when they went out. In this way, it is easy to manage and arrange effectively. He can see their real-time position on the positioning platform. At the end of the day, he can also check their historical route and staying time in the corresponding place. If colleagues are in danger or have something to report, he can also directly press the button to dial the preset number and ask for help. This give them much more convenient. 
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The GPS tracker is like a small cell phone with a GPS receiver. After installing a SIM card, it can make calls and some practical functions, such as Geo fence, historical route, voice monitoring, fall alarm and so on. You can monitor the position of the wearer through the APP and Web platform.
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In this way, there is no need to worry about outdoor worker slack off, no longer need to worry about the safety of independent worker. GPS tracker is a positioning tool, a supervisor, a protector. Thanks to the progress of science and technology, we can work in safety and happiness.

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