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  • How to manage your small fleet with GPS locatorsT he logistics industry is developing fast; however, it faces the following problems: 1. U nloading of goods during the transportation and the loss of goods. 2. D riving dangerously, stealing fuel, private use of the vehicle. 3. M aster the...

    01-24 2019

  • New Technology to Apiary-Solar GPS trackerA n apiary (also known as a bee yard) is a location where beehives of honey bees are kept, it consists of many separate beehives and was taken care by the farmer who is in beekeeping (called Beekeeper). W ith the development of the society...

    05-06 2019

  • How is a GPS watch produced?H ow to define a good GPS watch? You may assume three things, various functions, exquisite appearance and comfortable wearing. In fact, I believe the most important thing for most people is quality, which determines the long-term stable and...

    01-18 2019

  • How to protect your pet?In cities, more and more people will choose a pet to accompany themselves. After all, when this crowd is indifferent, a cute pet brings another comfort to himself. However, pets are not people. Pets missing posters can be found everywhere....

    01-18 2019

  • How to offer a better protection to your family?D o you want to protect your home better? ReachFar design a solution for you. S henzhen ReachFar Technology Co., Ltd., a technology company specialized in research, production and sales of GPS/Beidou location tracking devices Possessing a n...

    01-29 2019

  • How dose GPS help business?A s the development of the economy, various industries and jobs have been evolved out. Nowadays, problems of staff management exist in many companies. For example: Long working hours outside the office, the attendance management. The fuel c...

    12-21 2018

  • Aged care: the perfect combination of positioning alarm and call center.W ith the development of science and technology, human life has become longer and longer. However, a direct result of the extension of human life is the average age of the worlds total population, and along with the birth rate declines, the...

    12-14 2018

  • How does a solar power GPS tracker work?Firstly, you need the solar powered GPS tracker device, then you will know how GPS works with solar powered tracker. Product structure diagram Make sure the device App status is online when you set commands via the APP. Step 1.Preparation b...

    11-29 2018

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