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How to manage your small fleet with GPS locators
Date:2019-01-24      Clicks:0
The logistics industry is developing fast; however, it faces the following problems:
1.Unloading of goods during the transportation and the loss of goods.
2.Driving dangerously, stealing fuel, private use of the vehicle.
3.Master the position of the vehicle in real time to ensure the safety of the vehicle and optimize the driving route. 
4.Dispatching and management of vehicles is disorderly, with low efficiency and increased costs.

How can the small fleet use the GPS locators to solve the above problems? 
GPS locator is becoming more and more helpful for the fleet management. Its powerful functions bring great convenience to the managers, save time and cost, and improve efficiency mainly through the following functions:
1.Vehicle positioning function:
After selecting the vehicle that the fleet wants to view, the system automatically maximizes the vehicle position on the map. The text next to the vehicle icon describes whether the vehicle is moving or stationary.
2.Real-time tracking function:
When the fleet needs to track a vehicle in real time, the system automatically displays the current location of the vehicle and the driving trajectory of the last few minutes. The map continuously describes the running route of the vehicle.
3.Satellite map function:
When the fleet wants to check the surrounding buildings of the vehicle, they can click on the satellite map. On the map, the fleet can view the situation around the vehicle clearly.
4.Historical track function:
Since the fleet cannot monitor for 7*24 hours, the system provides historical track function. The fleet can know the route of any vehicle at any time.
5.Track playback function:
When the fleet wants to know more about the driving situation of the vehicle for a certain period of time, he can set the track spacing, playback speed and other information. When the fleet wants to pause to see a certain point in the vehicle's driving, He can pause the button, pause the playback or let the vehicle play back.
6.Alarm function:
Powerful anti-theft, anti-robbing, and help-seeking functions prevent outsiders or drivers from stealing vehicles and avoid losing goods. When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed limit, an overspeed alarm will be sent to the webpage.
7.Remotely cut off oil and power
Another powerful feature of Model V03 is Remotely cut off oil and power. In the event of an emergency, such as a stolen or hijacked vehicle, the fleet can remotely cut off the oil and power through a free APP to save the loss in time.
Therefore, to choose a good GPS locator, have to check the positioning function, track playback function, and speed alarm function, and most importantly, it is after-sale service, because we need the platform technical support, I am using ReachFar product for several years, it helps us to manage the small fleet with GPS locators and improve efficiency.



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