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New Technology to Apiary-Solar GPS tracker
Date:2019-05-06      Clicks:0
An apiary (also known as a bee yard) is a location where beehives of honey bees are kept, it consists of many separate beehives and was taken care by the farmer who is in beekeeping (called Beekeeper).
solar GPS tracker
With the development of the society and technology, in order to better manage apiary, the beekeeper started to introduce technological device, this solution reduces the burden for them greatly. So what kind of technological device do they use and makes them so happy?

The answer is a good device which can help them save money and save labor, RF-V26 solar GPS tracker.
One year ago, a true story happened, Mr. Wang has an apiary in Hunan province, China. At first, it was just a small-scale apiary, with Mr. Wang’s effort, the apiary has become more larger in 3 years, it made him excited even if he was dreaming at night. However, one day, when he woke up in the morning, he found there are a lot of beehives was missing in his apiary, only one night, how could the thief make it? It will really made him very angry, but because of no clues, at last he had to give up to find the missing ones back.
One day, Mr. Wang was chitchatting with one of his friends, he mentioned this issue to his friend, then Mr. Wang learned about a GPS tracker factory- ReachFar, which specialized in personal, pet and vehicle GPS tracker and located in Shenzhen, China. His friend told him, there are a Solar GPS tracker
in ReachFar very suits to manage apiary, Mr. Wang was curious, then he searched it on the internet, and got the contacts of that factory. After knowing the basic functions of Solar GPS tracker
, Mr. Wang bought several samples of Solar GPS tracker RF-V26 to test.
So how did the Solar GPS tracker RF-V26 help Mr. Wang to manage his apiary?
To begin with, the apiary normally in outside, and solar GPS tracker uses solar power charged, as long as there are strong sunshine outside, the device will get charged automatically, however, how can you make sure there are sunshine every day? Don’t worry, solar GPS tracker RF-V26 has 1500mAh built-in battery, the standby time is about 7 days and enhanced model with 3000mAh built-in battery, the standby time is about 12 days. So, no matter if has sunshine, it won’t affect you to use the device normally.

Solar GPS tracker RF-V26 has anti-remove alarm and GPS+WIFI+LBS tracking function, you just need put the device on the beehives, if somebody want to steal it, you also can get anti-remove alarm message at once, even if the thief is very smart and your beehives were stolen by him finally, you could check the historical route in ReachFar App and Web platform, then found beehives back.
GPS tracker factory
Besides, solar GPS tracker also has Geo-fence function, by setting Geo-fence of each device, the users can discover the anomaly and get alarms on App before the beehives were moved out from the Geo-fence area, so it greatly reminds users to take relevant solutions.
pet and vehicle GPS tracker
I have a lot of beehives; How can I know whether they are safe?” Maybe you will ask. No need to worry, ReachFar could help you create an account where you can manager your all devices, then you can know whether your beehives in your apiary are safe or not at any time.
After using the device for several days, Mr. Wang found that the Solar GPS tracker
is really a good device, since he has more time to do other works besides taking care of beehives.

solar GPS tracker



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