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How to use GPS tracker to carry out elderly home services

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As living conditions get better and better, human life has become longer and longer. However, one result of the extension of human life is the average age of the world's total population grows and as the birth rate declines, the average age of the population has grown even more than in the past. It is estimated that by 2030, the global population over 65 will exceed 1 billion.

Therefore, the care for the elderly has become more and more important. The need for caring for the elderly is also growing.

The care for the elderly should be more reflected in daily life rather than just a reunion during the holidays. However, in daily life, Children are often not around their parents, the care of parents can only be reflected in the telephone greetings. If there is a real emergency, it is difficult for children to find and provide assistance in the first time.

For this issue, ReachFar has launched a GPS tracker designed for the elderly with fall down alarm function. Setting the SOS number in advance, the wearer needs press SOS button when they are in danger.

Then GPS tracker sends alerts in three ways: APP notifications, SMS notifications, and calls for help.

At this time, the children can know the emergency of the elderly and contact the local ambulance center to help the elderly.

At present, many civil affairs departments or government agencies that have found that our products are of great help to the elderly. Thus, they use our RF-V42 alarm pendant tracker with the local call center.

For example, one of our customers in Europe, they use the RF-V42 GPS tracker in conjunction with the local call center, provides tangible assistance and care for the local elderly.

When the elderly is in an emergency, they just press the SOS button for 3-5 seconds. The RF-V42 will send with a location message, an App notification, and send a call to call center.

After the call center receives the alarm, they will arrange for an ambulance immediately to go to the destination based on where the pendant. In this way, for the past half year, the call center has provided location-seeking and medical emergency services for more than 100 seniors. Also avoided the misfortune for more than 100 families.