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Refuse excessive packaging
Date:2019-04-11      Clicks:0

As the commercial development exists everywhere, there are more and more products in the world. Nearly every product uses package for shipment and display before users get it. Therefore, the package ways are various, some of which causes problem. For example, what is the problem with below package ways?

It is obviously the package of this fruit is excess in space. This is a waste of space and paper. Besides, the shipping cost becomes much more. The second picture is another example of excessive packaging, which is usually used for Chinese Mooncake for Mid-Autumn day. Both of them are largely waste of cost on package and not good for environment protection. Besides, those packages will pollute our planet.

To avoid this situation, all of our tracker models’ packages are simple and small.
For example, our RF-V30 pet tracker device package is small and simple with eco-friendly style with a dimension of package is only 8*8*5cm.
It is light and with a window to display the pet tracker’s outline which is easy to attract buyer’s eyesight.

The other important advantage is it saves shipping cost with such a small package, which is considerate for the parcel receiver.

Similarly, our RF-V28 personal GPS tracker pendant is also with a small and simple package as picture shows here. Its dimension is also 8*8*5cm, sharing the same size as the one for our RF-V30 pet tracker. Thus, the tooling cost was saved greatly.

Even with such a small package, we still have some space to fill a silicone watch strap. To bring more convenience for the users, we designed a watch strap for this personal tracker pendant. This also helped our distributors’ sales promotion largely.

As our company ReachFar Tech’s company aim is to help more people and bring peace of mind to more family, we have been considering customer’s needs in functions, easy operation, and cost all the time.

Just like the new released RF-V34 solar powered GPS tracker. Though we have two other solar tracker models, RF-V26 and RF-V26+, we still have some clients asking for bigger battery device with solar charging panel. Therefore, we designed the RF-V34 tracker model with more functions, and big battery of 9000mAh. For such a new model, our ecofriendly package also displays our responsibility for the society, the environment protection, etc.

With so many examples to show our packaging ways, it is easy to forecast the package of our coming model, RF-V43, a 4G pet tracker. It must be popular after release this device with its small dimension and cute design. Let’s expect the package of this new 4G tracker model.


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