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Solar GPS Livestock Application Case
Date:2022-08-30      Clicks:0

Solar GPS Livestock Application Case

Analysis of demands:Mr. Zhang found that he always lost several sheep and cow when counting hundreds of his livestock monthly. And this situation will cause huge loss if not being stopped. It is necessary to gain an anti-lost GPS tracker which enables owner real-time tracking to livestock and checking the exact position remotely with long standby time.

2.Function Introduction:ReachFar RF-V26 solar GPS tracker's functions include real-time tracking, playback historical routes, waterproof and dust-proof, solar panel charging, setting Geo/WIFI fence and anti-remove. You can check the exact position of livestock remotely via smart phone APP. And the level of waterproof IP67 can be used normally on rainy days, which suits outdoor farming well. With Geo fence function, you will get the alarm when livestock goes out of the safe zone, then find them back timely to reduce the rate of missing. Large capacity inbuilt battery and solar panel keep a long standby time, and the lower battery alarm will be triggered when the battery lower than 10%. Farmers needn't worry about the failure of positioning when it runs out of battery. Last but not least, as RF-V26 has anti-remove sensor, you will get alerts and phone calls if someone takes off the device, which prevents the theft efficiently. After using of RF-V26, Mr. Zhang highly praised to it, because it not only saves a lot of labor costs, but also effectively prevents the loss of his cattle and sheep.


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