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Solar GPS Positioner Ship Positioning SOS Case
Date:2022-08-30      Clicks:0

Product demands:The number of small vessels is increasing day by day in a city Fujian, and most of vessels' common features are light tonnage, small operating range, easy to cross-border operations, and prone to sea accidents. This is the reason why marine damages is high and fishermen suffered many casualties. Accordingly, establishing a set of ship GPS rescue command system is extremely urgent.

Functions in use:ReachFar's RF-V26 solar GPS tracker has Geofence function, when vessels cross border, an alarm will be sent to APP and web platform immediately. And large capacity inbuilt battery and solar charging function ensure a long standby time. In addition, with RF-V26's SOS button, platform will receive SOS emergency massage and calls timely when pressing SOS button, it is very helpful for help in danger. RF-V26 is under IP67 industrial waterproof level, not only can be used normally on rainy days, but also moisture-proof, anti-alkali and preventing corrosion of seawater. What's more, anti-remove function can reduce the rate of getting lost because you can get the alarm timely once the device is removed. After using RF-V26, the accident of sea damage has been greatly reduced, and the safety of fishermen's personal and property has been fully guaranteed.


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