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How to deal with the elderly who are easy to get lost?
Date:2022-05-28      Clicks:0

Equip the elderly with 4G SOS GPS tracker to prevent them from getting lost

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the risk of heatstroke is increased when the elderly get lost outdoors. In recent years, elderly people often get lost accidentally, After a kind-hearted person called the police for help, he found his family with the help of the police.

If you are worried about the elderly getting lost, you should not only accompany the elderly more, but also have a special SOS panic button GPS tracker for the elderly.

Once the elderly gets lost, his family can find him home in the shortest time.

G SOS GPS tracker

The special 4G SOS people GPS tracker for preventing the elderly from getting lost is very important

Positioners for the majority of the elderly sold on the market at this stage,It is basically transformed by GPS tracker for vehicles,Charging 1-2 times a week,It is heavy to wear and very easy to arouse the resistance of the elderly,it can not play the role of protection and supervision.

Therefore, in order to better avoid the loss of the elderly, It is more reliable to wear a professional elderly 4G smart GPS tracker on the wrist. Using the functions of the intelligent terminal, such as triple positioning, two-way communication and one click rescue,Family members can keep abreast of the safety situation of the elderly at any time,Help protect the safety of the elderly.

It is worth mentioning that this device can also be adapted to the function of measuring body temperature to give more care to the elderly.

How to deal with the elderly who are easy to get lost?

ReachFar’s RF-V48 4G elderly SOS bracelet GPS tracker not only has a grand appearance,easy to carry, complete functions and simple operation

It mainly has the following features:

1.Built in 1000mah battery, it can stand by for a long time. It is suitable in size and weight, easy to wear and operate, and convenient for the elderly;

2.The 4G GPS tracker personal has three emergency SOS buttons and a voice message, which can request help,Pre-set the phone number of the contact to quickly contact the family,having a dialogue with family members provides a faster way for the elderly to operate.

3.It can provide the current location information of the tracker in real time. As long as the elderly wear a 4G GPS tracker, their children can know the location of the elderly at any time, so as to better know the location of the elderly;

4. By setting the app remotely, you can set 4 family numbers at will. In case of danger or emergency, you can contact your parents by pressing any key;

5. Children can set this area of the community as a safe area. When elderly walks out of the safe area, the tracker will send alarm information to his family to let them know the whereabouts of the elderly;

6. It can also implement health management for the elderly, such as heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, and remotely detect the health status of the elderly through the app, so as to reduce the emergency risk in time;


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