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New Coronavirus Isolation Management Solution
Date:2021-11-30      Clicks:0

ReachFar Tech assisted in New Coronavirus epidemic control, home isolation door magnetic alarm and isolation personnel tracker have been put into use in the field.

According to the current knowledge of COVID-19, the main route of transmission of COVID-19 is respiratory droplets and contact transmission, and the incubation period is about 14 days. Chinese domestic governments at all levels strictly enforce that people returning from other places must be quarantined at home for 14 days. It is this move that has reduced the number of confirmed diagnoses in provinces outside Hubei for eight consecutive days.

The outbreak is also under steady control. But we still cannot relax. Reports of the number of Japanese cruise ship infections continuing to rise have made us distressed. In fact, as long as the epidemic situation is managed and quarantined, it is controllable, and there is no need to be scared when talking about COVID-19. Due to human rights and security considerations, we cannot simply lock the isolated person at home, so using independent door magnetic alarms to limit and manage the isolated behavior of the isolated person is currently an effective management method.

The following home isolation management products which China goverment used.

New Coronavirus Isolation Management Solution

Home isolation door magnetic alarm

ReachFar's GSM independent door magnetic alarm and NB independent door magnetic alarm assist home isolation and supervision. The products can be simply installed without wiring. You can use 3M adhesive to attach either of them to the door and door frame to monitor the door opening and closing conditions for remote monitoring. When an alarm occurs, the platform will notify the person in charge of the community grid in real time through the website, App, phone and SMS. The website platform provides real-time reports. Improving management efficiency for community workers, greatly reducing the risk of infection when visiting onsite.

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