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The big role of smart door magnetic isolation alarm in home isolation

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Since 2021, Hebei, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shanghai and other places have successively seen cases of new coronavirus epidemics, and the overall situation has been intertwined with sporadic and locally clustered epidemics. In this complex and severe situation of prevention and control, the national epidemic prevention and control work pressure has doubled. In order to effectively prevent the risk of epidemic import and spread, improve the health management service level of home quarantine observers, and strengthen epidemic control measures in the field of civil affairs, many regions have begun to adopt technical means such as door sensors for home quarantine observation. The door magnetic sensor produced by Shenzhen ReachFar Technology Co., Ltd, a security and emergency GPS positioning communication product manufacturer, has played the role of home isolation intelligent supervision and solved the current epidemic supervision problem.

The V22 Smart Internet Door Sensor Alarm

The V22 intelligent Internet door sensor alarm developed and produced by ReachFar is simple to install. It only needs to paste the V22 door sensor alarm on the door and window of the isolated monitoring place (home/hotel/hotel, etc.). Once the supervised object opens the door, Community epidemic prevention staff can receive alarm calls, text messages and push notifications for door opening alarms pushed by ReachFar’s mobile APP or PC computer platform. At the same time, the terminal equipment will ring an alarm bell to remind nearby staff to pay attention. The response speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and there are no false alarms. The V22 Smart Internet Door Sensor Alarm is also an intimate and attentive alarm. It has a one-key SOS alarm function. On the one hand, community epidemic prevention staff can call back the device number with one key after receiving the door opening alarm message, so as to catch up in the first time. Go to the site to check and deal with it, so as to achieve a 360-degree full of omissions and errors, and avoid increasing unnecessary on-site workload and risks. On the other hand, it is also convenient for the head of the household to call for help in time with community grid members or staff through the smart door magnetic device in an emergency or special situation, and humane management.

The V22 Smart Internet Door Sensor Alarm App control

At present, the import of overseas cases, low-temperature weather, population movement, and personnel gathering have become major hidden dangers for the high incidence of the new crown virus. The spread of the epidemic and small outbreaks has become the norm, and it may continue for some time in the future. And this kind of home isolation management equipment is quick to install, plug in and use, easy to install, no wiring, easy to operate, recyclable, economical and environmentally friendly, it can effectively achieve epidemic prevention and control, and it is safe and efficient.

The V22 Smart Internet Door Sensor Alarm management system

The new crown virus epidemic is also raging in other countries in the world. Our telecom door magnetic alarm is also suitable for other countries. Moreover, this model is divided into 2G and 4G models. Moreover, if GPS positioning function is required, we can also help customers customize door sensor alarms with positioning function to be used in different scenarios, such as vehicle positioning and anti-theft, first aid and positioning for independent workers, and so on.

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