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Set up a GPS positioning management platform is very simple!
Date:2020-12-24      Clicks:0

As these two years working position switched to technical supports, I found a phenomenon that more and more small companies consulting us about communication protocol for building their own tracking platform. Please note that the focus here is “small company”. The advantage of self-built platform is that you can customize some platform functions, the interface is more friendly, and so on. In this way, self-built platform is indeed good. However, we found below obstacles they usually meet after offering service to several self-built platform clients:

1.  The database architecture design is not good enough. In the early stage of the survey, imperfect considerations led to huge costs for later expansion.

2.  The TCP gateway concurrency processing is poor. there lot of client told me ,they platform test fine ,but when the device reaches 5K or 10K or 100K, the server crashes. one of a client told me their system crashed when 1,500 devices.

3.   some engineers can't handle the respond to the heartbeat packet of the device in time, resulting in the positioning data not being updated. even small problem is often a barrier for them.

In fact, develop a GPS positioning management platform is not a job that can be done by a single engineer, but a team work. If the team is not particularly experienced, or does not understand GIS services, it will take a lot of time to learn and adapt.

So from the perspective of customers, self-built platforms can be optimized or customized according to their own ideas, but from an economic point of view, the cost of self-built platforms for this long-term project is actually prohibitively high,Both of time cost or labor cost.

So the question is, if the customer just wants to build a platform to promote the customer's brand, what is a good way?

First of all, the first thing we have to remember is: leave professional things to professional people.

A professional GPS platform software company, As long as the server is ready, the professional GPS platform company will complete the installation and delivery test of the platform software within a week. In addition to connecting with ReachFar itself Product agreements can also be compatible with other agreements on the market according to customer needs.

If you have your own ideas about the interface, you can do secondary development, which greatly shortens the development cycle and the cost of development.


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