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How to use a simple product to control the coronavirus outbreak
Date:2021-11-30      Clicks:0

Crises and opportunities come together

How to find new business opportunities in coronavirus outbreak

Many times opportunities arise in crises. This coronavirus outbreak time, new business opportunities have also been raised, masks, disinfection supplies and other resource products. Everyone knows that there are huge business opportunities, but ordinary companies and personnel have no way to quickly cut in.

In fact ,we may has overlooked another important opportunity of epidemic prevention and control. Home isolation products for high-risk groups. Take Italy as an example. There are only a few thousand police officers, but there are 50,000 people who need to be quarantined. Monitoring is a big issue.

In the early days of the start of isolation in China, all government department personnel on-site inspections found high-risk groups and asked them not to leave.

Through a simple independent magnetic door alarm with data reporting function to supervise isolated families. As long as the door was opened, the alarm will prompt: please stay at home during the isolation.

The management platform and the corresponding management personnel will receive an alarm prompt. It is through these methods that China's mass prevention and control have controlled the spread of the epidemic as quickly as possible.

China's successful experience tells us that the epidemic situation can be prevented and controlled with active measures.

Hope following products will help you get some idea.

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