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Car GPS locator good for wireless or wiring tracker

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Car GPS positioning tracker is divided into two types, wired GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker. Many people do not know how to choose the right car GPS vehicle tracker? The following ReachFar explain the characteristics of these two locators
1. Wired GPS tracker
Wired GPS is more than wireless GPS that is the "line" is used to connect the vehicle's power cord, ACC line, etc., wired GPS power supply provided by the vehicle, generally built a miniature battery can make the device after power failure can still work 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours to prevent the equipment line was malicious cut cannot continue to work.
1. Because the wired GPS power supply can be provided by the vehicle, so the biggest feature of wired GPS is 24 hours real-time positioning, do not worry about the device suddenly no electricity off the line, the signal strength, wired GPS device signal is also stronger, positioning accuracy Relatively better.
2. In terms of function, wired GPS tracker powerful, real-time positioning tracking, remote oil off control, fuel consumption monitoring, the establishment of electronic fence area, you can Over speed alarm, vibration alarm, remote power off oil ... everything, In the vehicle's monitoring platform can also view the vehicle within 90 days of the driving track.

2. W
ireless GPS tracker
Wireless GPS tracker
is the device without external wiring, and thus can not get an external power supply, equipment, the use of working period by the built-in power supply restrictions. In addition, because there is no wiring, wireless GPS tracker installation will not need to be limited by the vehicle line, you can use the magnetic, adhesive stickers placed in any position of the vehicle (pay attention to signal strength), hidden very good, in addition to the owner is difficult to find Out, anti-theft is very good.
1. Compared to the wired GPS tracker, wireless GPS function is relatively simple
2. Free installation, saving equipment installation costs. GPS cable installation procedures are more complex, it will produce a certain installation costs, usually ranging from 50-300, if the loading capacity is relatively large, the installation fee is not a small expenditure. The GPS wireless device-owned power, eliminating the need for complex installation, so save a small installation fee.

Under normal circumstances, wired GPS is better than wireless GPS, basically do not consider the battery problem, the function is also powerful and practical, by the user's favorite. But this is not absolute, in a particular vehicle or the scene, they still have their own advantages and disadvantages, the owner should be based on the actual situation, choose more suitable for their own vehicles.