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GPS tracker is displaying an inaccurate position

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Inaccurate GPS data refers to any circumstance in which the location data sent from the tracker to the app does not represent the actual position of your dog or cat. Read on to learn about the nature of GPS technology, to understand why inaccurate position reports occur from time to time.
GPS tracker

The Reachfar GPS Tracker is generally as accurate as current GPS technology. No GPS system is 100% precise, and GPS signals generally provide an accuracy of approximately 7.8 meters in perfect conditions.
Especially indoors, or near tall buildings or forest, GPS interference can occur, which may decrease the accuracy of the Reachfar GPS

How do I improve my GPS accuracy?
It doesn’t matter if you are using a handheld device like a Garmin, Magellan, or a smartphone, all GPS receivers will be affected by these building and terrain situations. Your device’s most accurate times is when the device has a clear view of the sky on open terrain.
Keep your device on the handlebars
Stay away from large metal structures like tall buildings, tunnels, and power lines.
If you must keep it in a pocket or backpack, get your device as close to the top or surface as possible
Keep other electronics away from your device. Keeping your smartphone right next to the GPS might cause some drift.

Use a different case, some cases with magnetic clasps or metal shielding will interfere.