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Why dose GPS tracker need SIM card?

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Pay attention when you want to buy a GPS tracker. GPS tracker can’t work alone, it needs a SIM card inside, in order to ensure its workable. I want you to know how does a GPS tracker works?
First of all, GPS stands global positioning system, which is a tracking method to work out where the device is. For instance, a cell phone, a GPS tracker which is wearable for person, and mountable for cars, trucks and any other property. 
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A tracking system consists of 24 satellites and many ground stations, in order to work out the position of the device. And also, it’s speed and direction and so on. That needs the device which is able to upload all these data to the server and communicate with the system and your handset. So, it’s important for you to insert a SIM card in the tracker. and the tracker will be able to send and receive signals, for instance, report the real time position to you phone, receive the SMS command from your phone. From the moment, you’ re able to monitor the route of your naïve child, your elderly parents and any other people you care about. You also are able to check their real-time location. For the wearers, some trackers are able to make a phone call. That would be safer when they encountered a dangerous event. 
GPS tracker need a SIM card in order to achieve connectivity. SIM cards are what allow location transmission, calling, and receiving commands to turn on/off some functions and other advanced features. After that, GPS tracker with SIM card works well. when you want to buy the tracker, think about the potential cost, you might be a little hesitate.  Is there any tracker without monthly fee? Luckily for us, some GPS tracker producers provide free APP and web platform, you just need to pay the monthly fee of the SIM card in the tracker. 
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