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27 years old Beijing boy was missing in the travel of Zhuhai

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According to report,Mr.Meng had a meeting with his colleague in Zhuhai,and book the air ticket on 20 Spe.After the meeting,Mr.Meng went to the nearby island by train.According to Meng’s friends said,after 18 Spe,he send message to Meng,and he never reply,his mobile phone was power off.

22 Spe,its the day that he should be in the company,but he was not appeared,all the people were suspect that he was missing.After his families found his was missing,they called police and at the same time ,they went to Zhuhai ,and followed his step to the island.They thought it might be found him.But several days later,they still not found him.

After that,policeman in Zhuhai contact his families that he was back to Beijing on 20 Spe.He was not missing in Zhuhai ,but other place.

After one month later,someone found the boy’s body in Hainan.He wore a life jacket.And the policeman found his mobile phone and ID card.On suspect,he might be travel alone and falled into the river negligently.

Many things happened like this,and all of them are young people.They like travel,and want to far away from the city life.Many people like travel alone,and they think they are safe enough.In fact,the dangerous is in everywhere.Just like what we seen on the news.A lot of young people missing in the road of travel.The most sad person to hear this news is the person who care about you most.So bring peace of mind to your lover,and also bring safe trip to yourself.

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