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After 90 hours,missing traveler was found

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On Feb 12th,13 people from “Traveler Club” went to Mount Tai together by informal way.Two of them had lost on the way back.

On 5:00 PM, the police received a phone call,came from a man who said he was the traveler claimed Mount Tai,and now he lost his road. There is another female traveler with him. After that, the police went to Mount Tai searched for the lost people immediately.

On 6:00 PM to 4:00 AM on the next day, four group of police man went to the mount to search the lost two travelers.

The female traveler named Wendy, the day she missing was her birthday.

On Feb 13th,two of them prepared to go downhill.Therefore,Wendy was exhausted.Consider it is difficult to be rescued in valley.So Chen(the male traveler)went downhill alone to find help and leave his coat and knapsack to Wendy.After 7 hour walking ,Chen found a fishman and borrowed his mobile phone to call the police.

On 1:00 PM of Feb 13th,Chen was rescued by police man.After that,the policeman want to follow Chen to find Wendy.But Chen is exhausted.

On Feb 14th,the rescue people up to 240,they followed Chen to search Wendy.On 6:00PM, Wendy has been stay in valley over 2 days,no food and water,the low temperature made she in danger.

On Feb 15th,more and more volunteer joined the group and searching for Wendy.Until 8:00 PM,they still can not find Wendy.

On the noon of Feb 16th,they finally find Wendy,but unfortunately,she was dead.

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