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Don't Leave Your Kids in the Car

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In the noon of the day before yesterday, Ivy went super market for shopping. On the way to home, she saw a lot of people round a red car. They keeping look in the car, and seems very worried.

Ivy was curious and went to have a look. Through the window, she saw there is a baby on the infant seat.

“The baby is in a hazy and half awake condition, toss and turn ,looks like very uncomfortable.” Ivy said. The two people round the car were worried who sand behind the car. One of the woman was holding the baby in her arms. “They seems about 30 years old, the man so worried, and keeping call, said to someone that the car door can not open, asking someone for help.”

Then Ivy heard that the couple brought one of a baby to shop first, at that time, other baby was sleeping in the car. They didn’t think of that when they come back.

The weather is very hot, baby in the car was more and more uncomfortable. Her face turn red and keep crying. The couple worried to dead, keeping tap the window.

“We can’t wait for a minute any more, we must broke the window.” The father said. People around the car gave him advice. One of the owner gave him a hammer, the father broke the window and save the baby.

“Fortunately, that day was cloudy day, the weather is not very hot ,and also the couple made the right decision. Otherwise, the baby will got into an accident. “ Ivy said.

In hot summer, many of us are confused about this problem. Then how can we stop this thing happen again?

According to experts advice, bring you kids when you are shopping or open a crack of the car window. We suggest you’d better master the circumstance of your kids. Now there is a gps tracker that can protect your kids and also protect your car. When your kids has something wrong, he can call you on the first time. We have sos panic button ,specially designed for emergency. And you can listen the sound aroud your kids by remote listening function. If there is someone try to stole something from you car, the gps tracker will start shock sensor function and call you. The gps tracker is not necessary ,but it will make you more peace and also protect your families.