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How to protect your home?

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Summer has come .is not very excited and enjoyable it?

Finally can get a happy holiday! But we can not forget that security work can not be taken lightly.Many people had end of vacation back home have been thieves looted all valuables such as computers, cameras, jewelry and other valuables were looted.So to remind you, be sure to lock the doors and windows before you travel.However, just lock the doors and windows is not enough , To remind you, live in the lower floors and villages,The best remote control and the installation of a home security alarm, and also record phone numbers saved Management Office.In case the thief entered the door after,also receive intrusion alarm in the home thousands of miles away, you can contact management, allowing administrators to get the thief, the losses to a minimum.

what kind of windows and doors burglar alarm is good?

Many people might think omnipotent Taobao, after all the above things cheap price.But remember, dozens of dollars of home security devices do not buy, because we are used to protect the security of the property is used to protect the property, not to be used to install.Tweet type of anti-theft device, to deal with the thief is not used, and noisy neighbors, only the alarm information to inform you, is really effective.

Want to do a safe and effective remote alarm, must meet these conditions:

1. When the door is opened, will call you immediately .

2. When the room sound, will call you instantly.

3. Must be easy to install, can be used to buy back, do not install

4. Long standby, even if the holiday for 1 months, the battery is still able to normal life.

Today we will recommend RF-V11 ,It can meet the latest security needs ,easy to install .It is important no wiring, out of the box, and let the thief wireless can be cut . RF-V11 also has a strong function, even if go on holiday, still can make a call to listen home any time and anywhere .