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Mini hidden personal gps tracker help you establish a reporting system

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It is summer holiday now, some children are enjoying their holiday with their parents, some may join in a camp, but some may stay at home with their old grandparents in the countryside because their parent have to work and have no time to take good care of them. However, sometimes old grandparents are unable to take good care of themselves, needless to say, to keep an eye on their grandsons. So there happened more and more cases of kidnapping and also the old people lost their way back home.

According to the Hangzhou city public security bureau command center statistics data, from July 1 to July 15, 99 cases of children lost were reported to police. What’s more, from June 21 to July 17, such cases up to 338 were reported to police Jinhua command center.

In the face of children holiday wandered off, The National Family Education expert Zhu Diyun branch members said: "parents must strengthen safety awareness." Mr Zhu suggested that between parents and children, there must establish a reporting system, "for example, when children go out or come home, they report to the parents, and the parents have to ensure children activity range and tell their children the specific time to go home."

However, When parents are busy, they may not ensure that children are all in their visible range, therefore Reachfar RF-v16 mini personal gps tracker for kids with SOS button will have great help, the devive is easy to be pressed in emergency. RF-V16 is a personal emergency locator communicator which focuses on the elderly, children and other special groups. Through the device you can know status of your children and elder.

1. RF-V16 has a two way conversation like a mobile phone but mini hidden. You can call the device to make sure your kids or the elderly are safe, or use its monitoring function.

2. Set a geo-fence, once the device user comes in or out of the geo-fence you will receive alarm from the device.

3. The SOS button

Once emergency happens, click the SOS button call for help.

4. Low power consumption and long standby time

I really wanna recommend it to you all, for the above advantages, and also its good quality.

5. Powerful tracking platform