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Twenty Thousand Yuan Cat Lost, Three Kitten Cry Piteously for Food

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Bob’s cat was lost, what’s special is that this cat is Maine Coon, cost ten thousand, bought from his friends. The length of cat now is about 1.3 meters.

Yesterday, Bob said they found the cat lost in the day before yesterday. On 8:00AM of that day, Bob’s son has gone to school, then he forgot to close the gate. After a while, they didn’t see the cat.

“ I can’t think of where she go, all of my families are worried about she.” Bob said, his five years old son likes animals very much. One year ago, they bought this Maine Coon for his son. On that time, she just has 4 months. But now, she has been with Bob’s family over one year. “She is large animals and looks like a small leopard, but it’s very sweet and meek, all of my neighbour like it.” Bob said, now her price over ten thousand yuan.

After the cat lost, Bob and his families seek anywhere, but they didn’t get any news. “Not her price is expensive , but she accompany us more than one year, We have deep feelings about her.” When Bob’s son heard about this, he breaks into tears. This cat was a gift to his son, and his son also likes she very much .Every night, the cat accompany his to sleep. After cat lost, his son seeking the cat again and again. What’s more, the cat gave birth to three kitten two month ago. The three kitten was loss of appetite now.

Is there anyway can save our lovely pets, and we can get her location anytime?

Yes, of course. There is a gps tracker specially for pets in today’s market. Protable mini size gps tracker put on your pets, and you can track your pets anywhere anytime. When they are lost, you can see the position from the apps, and website. If you are still worried about them ,set the remote listening command, and then you can hear the voice aroud them.You just need this little thing, you won’t worry about your lovely pet. And they can go playing anywhere. Anyway ,you can see its location on time .Now it’s on sale, do not missing it this time!

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