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  • Twenty Thousand Yuan Cat Lost, Three Kitten Cry Piteously for FoodBobs cat was lost, whats special is that this cat is Maine Coon, cost ten thousand, bought from his friends. The length of cat now is about 1.3 meters. Yesterday, Bob said they found the cat lost in the day before yesterday. On 8:00AM of th...

    08-07 2015

  • How to protect your homeSummer has come .is not very excited and enjoyable it? Finally can get a happy holiday! But we can not forget that security work can not be taken lightly.Many people had end of vacation back home have been thieves looted all valuables such...

    08-07 2015

  • Nursery door missing children ! How to prevent?You stand! Who are you in your arms? Put the child down! Yesterday, 50 year old woman was stopped by a good hearted people. Holding a girl about 3 years old, see someone close to the loud crying, shouting to her mother. Well intentioned peo...

    07-30 2015

  • An old man was found in the river after missing 5 daysShenzhen Mr.Tan was found in the river after missing 5 days in the 25th,July. Recently his family was made preparation for his funeral. They inferred he could be losing direction and then losing his footing in the river. In the 6 am of 25,...

    07-30 2015

  • Hidden mini personal gps tracker for kids with sos panic button to protect you kidRecently, the lost of Minghan has drawn great attention among public. Unfortunately, the five-year-old missing boy left his families forever. In that village, people felt sad and indignant about his dead; however, no matter how sad and indi...

    07-28 2015

  • Do not make the summer camp to be a scared campDo not talk to strangers. Do not take the last carriage of the subway. If you get lost, remember to ask directions from someone who wear uniform. Once you are in danger, yelling for help. The police of New York received a case recently, a 8...

    07-27 2015

  • Vehicle gps trackerHave you had experience of being stolen the car, motorcycle, bicycle? You must hate the thief but you just had no way to find your car back. Then you may buy the new one, but fortunately, the thief will come again. Some people try to buy th...

    07-27 2015

  • Summer Holiday, safe is importantSummer has come, in addition to the children had a meaningful summer vacation, the security, prevent lost is important consider it . Many parents want their children have a happy and unforgettable summer vacation, to give them to attend sum...

    07-27 2015

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