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  • The benefits of raising cattle using Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS positioning systemThe owners using solar GPS positioning system have felt great convenience of science and technology. But as for these people who just learned to use solar GPS positioning system to raise cattle, they maybe dont know the system, so I think i...

    05-19 2016

  • Solar GPS positioning system lead the animal industry into the 4 EraChinas urbanization process is still in progress, it is expected that the peak will be reached 15 years later. The agriculture will also step into the 4 era like the United States, that is the era of agricultural informatization, automation...

    05-19 2016

  • Mini GPS tracker protect kidsRecently, the lost of Minghan has drawn great attention among public. Unfortunately, the five-year-old missing boy left his families forever. In that village, people felt sad and indignant about his dead; however, no matter how sad and indi...

    05-16 2016

  • GPS WIFI LBS location waysLike many newcomers to the gps tracker, I was confused about the operating principle of reachfars GPS TRACKER. In general, how does the reachfar GPS tracker work? 1. The tracker capture signal from satellites(GPS/Glonass) and send the posit...

    05-16 2016

  • The solar satellite positioning system making ecological high-quality animal husbandryIn the exhibition Center in Xilinhante City, Inner Mongolia, many people take the phone to scan the QR code of refined mutton and sheep produced by the local. The growth period, the growth longitude and latitude, the forage species, and nut...

    05-16 2016

  • Solar GPS tracker--to build a high quality ecological animal husbandryMany people use their mobile phone to scan the QR code of the local production mutton finished product in Xilinhot convention center, Mongolia. After scaning the QR code, the growth cycle of sheep, forage grass species of the pasture, nutri...

    05-11 2016

  • How to Prevent lostIn todays society, we care much about children, women and elder security because we always hear of kidnapping, women are raped and murdered and the old are lost. Young couples may not have so much time to keep company their children and par...

    05-09 2016

  • Application in breeding industry of GPS positioning systemToday let us understand the application of GPS positioning system in breeding industry . The breeding industry now is divided into two kinds, one is the traditional mode of farming , that is the captive mode; another free-range farming mode...

    05-09 2016

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