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The solar satellite positioning system making ecological high-quality animal husbandry

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The solar satellite positioning system making ecological high-quality animal husbandry

In the exhibition Center in Xilinhante City, Inner Mongolia, many people take the phone to scan the QR code of refined mutton and sheep produced by the local. The growth period, the growth longitude and latitude, the forage species, and nutrients all are easy to see. The backstage workers said that these sheep all are bred by solar GPS positioning system.

According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge, the sheep satellite tracking and query system are the important part of the anti-fake tractability system of Sunit sheep. The solar GPS positioning system currently has been in used in the part of the banner herdsman, and beginning to be applied widely. The herdsman can find the real-time location of their own sheep through the mobile APP, and you can also view the historical route of the sheep and calculate the walking distance of the sheep in a certain period.

The application of this system provides the data support of Sunit sheep breeding features for consumers, and improves the informationization level of animal husbandry. Reasonably rotating pasture by viewing the trajectory of the sheep in order to improve the utilization rate of grassland, and provide a powerful technology support for controlling real-time grazing condition and monitoring pasture stocking quantity.

The solar GPS positioning system of the shepherd is developed by Ruifeng Huizhi Technology Co. Ltd. At present, the solar GPS tracker has been officially put into use.