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GPS WIFI LBS location ways

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Like many newcomers to the gps tracker, I was confused about the operating principle of reachfar’s GPS TRACKER.

In general, how does the reachfar GPS tracker work?

1. The tracker capture signal from satellites(GPS/Glonass) and send the position by mean of GPRS to the server.

2. Reachfar company have their own Datacenter. It acquires data from the devices like trackers and smartphones and then stores the data.

3. Users can watch the information via APP or tracking website whenever and wherever as long as the tracker is online.

There are 3 location ways(GPS,WIFI and LBS) in GPS tracker of RF-GSM company.(reachfar)

But how do those 3 location ways work, and what’s their priority?

The order is GPS→WIFI→LBS

First, the tracker will search the GPS, if the GPS can't be search successfully within 50 seconds, the location way will turn to WIFI.

Then, if the wifi can’t be search successfully within 10 seconds, the location way will turn to LBS.

Usually, if the tracker device is outside and in the open sky, the GPS signal can be search easily, if not, then will turn to WIFI. Reachfar company uses the wifi data which have stored in Google database. LBS means the locatin data is indoors, the error is larger than WIFI and GPS. The distance of LBS depends on the distance of base station.The farther the distance of base station,there is less accuray of gps tracker device.