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  • RF-V16 kids gps tracker with sos button, two way communicationThe need for kids GPS tracking continues to grow and develop to meet the growing demands of an expanding emergency communications market, Reachfar company owns a fantastic gps tracker for personal. The newest tech safety device for your kid...

    07-23 2016

  • Solar gps tracker RF-V26Imagine a world in which everything you care about could be tracked. Youd never misplace your shoes, keys and bags, or lose track of your loved ones. Thanks to the solar-powered GPS tracker that can attach to virtually anything, that future...

    07-23 2016

  • IPet GPS Tracker for Dogs and CatsGPS Tacking Devices for dogs and cats Pets are humans best friends. We keep them because of their loving appearance, for protection or even for taking care of us such as guide dogs. Dogs and cats are most popular pets in Western countries....

    07-12 2016

  • Reachfar GPS Tracker Let You Never Lose Pet AgainNever Lose Your Pet Again Reachfar GPS is the most popular selling GPS Pet tracker. Not to be confused with the common microchip, Reachfar uses advanced GPS location tracking and the nations largest wireless network to help you find your pe...

    07-12 2016

  • RF-V8 The best choice for your car and propertyReachfars GPS tracker Alarm are easy to install in any vehicle; easy to activate and start up on the internet. You can know where your car is after checking the real-time GPS tracking; you can know where the car has been after checking hist...

    07-12 2016

  • IPet GPS tracker RF-V30Losing your pets is not a lot of fun. Unfortunately, that happens to many people every year. Smart pet tracking collars like IPet Tracker can prevent that from happening. It provides you with live tracking and historical data, so you can se...

    07-09 2016

  • Reachfar Solar Powered GPS TrackerA GPS tracking unit is a device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location, and hence that of its carrier, at intervals. The recorded location data ca...

    07-09 2016

  • Want to track (or stalk) your pet? Data and gadgets will do itAs people view pets as family members, theyre paying even more to keep an eye on them. Whether its an unlatched gate, an open door, or a fence thats not quite high enough, mans best friend seemingly takes great joy in disappearing and stirr...

    07-09 2016

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