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RF-V16 kids gps tracker with sos button, two way communication
Date:2016-07-23      Clicks:0

The need for kids GPS tracking continues to grow and develop to meet the growing demands of an expanding emergency communications market, Reachfar company owns a fantastic gps tracker for personal. The newest tech & safety device for your kids is here. Reachfar introduces the best solution for two way communication, accurate GPS technology and the safety your child deserves.

  Why people should choose us?

  1. Sos calling

The SOS calling feature is a pre-set phone number. Child can push in case of an emergency.

  2. 1 and 2 button

Child can directly push the button 1 or 2 to call his mother or father. It is like a mini mobile phone.

  3.GPS tracking

Built-in GPS module, real-time GPS tracking.


Set safety zone boundaries around a designated area and get text alerts immediately when Child steps outside the safe-zone.

  5.Two-way voice

Program up to 5 phone numbers. Call your Child anytime-anywhere.

  6.Listener safety calling

Parent/Guardian can call the V16 as a listener. When calling the V16 as a listener, the V16 will open up audio so you can listen to Child's surroundings.

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