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Solar gps tracker RF-V26
Date:2016-07-23      Clicks:0

Imagine a world in which everything you care about could be tracked. You'd never misplace your shoes, keys and bags, or lose track of your loved ones.

Thanks to the solar-powered GPS tracker that can attach to virtually anything, that future may be possible.

As its name suggests, the device aims to help users find all kinds of things. After placing the gps tracker in a bag or attaching it to a truck, users can track the device using a web browser, or via an Android or iPhone app.

What's more, the GPS receiver can also be used to track pets, children and hikers.

The main advantage of solar powered GPS data loggers is to reduce overall weight while at the same time increasing overall life and providing much more data on a daily basis.

There are two ways to utilize solar powered GPS data loggers. The first uses a small solar panel to power the GPS directly. It works very well in direct sunlight and can provide hundreds of GPS locations when the sun is shining.

The second uses a small solar panel to charge a battery which will power a GPS data logger based on a programming schedule that you create. Of course the sun still comes into play.

Both are available with bi-directional wireless communication capability.

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