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IPet Safe GPS Locator[2016-07-03 14:16:21]
The IPet GPS Locator is favorably reviewed by customers. Its another assisted GPS tracking device using two-way wireless technology. Features: 1. You define a home zone for your dog and when he crosses over that boundary, you are notified v...
GPS tracker for pet[2016-06-29 16:40:29]
The IPet Tracker Our dog and cat GPS Trackers are specially designed to clip on your pets collar, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where your dog or cat is all the time. It uses 2G (GSM) Cell Phone Towers to upload GPS coordinates t...
Have You Heard Breeding Cattle Using Solar Power GPS Tracker?[2016-06-29 16:39:29]
Traditional breeding cattle are scattered with artificial real-time care, which is not only time-consuming and also inefficient. In recent years, more and more farmers are using solar power GPS tracker to breed cattle, not only improve effi...
ReachFar Solar Powered GPS Tracker Great Benefits to Breeding Cattle[2016-06-29 16:38:23]
People using solar powered GPS tracker is experiencing the great convenience brought by science and technology, but some people maybe dont know clearly the benefits using solar powered GPS tracker to breed cattle . 1. Real-time tracking. So...
RF-V16 How to choose a GPS tracker for kids[2016-06-29 16:37:38]
As we all know, GPS trackers are transmitters that allow you to keep track of your children or possessions. They come with dedicated apps or tracking platform that allow you to see the location of the tracker on google map. There are so man...
RF-V16 use for UAV[2016-06-29 16:37:08]
Many people is using GPS tracking devices mounted in their crafts in order to track the craft in case of loss or crash. Reachfars RF-V16 not only can use for person but also crafts. Some of the customers are testing it and can work well. Li...
Essential tips for a happy, healthy pet this summer[2016-06-23 08:02:34]
For most people in the U.S., Memorial Day weekend evokes images of grilling in the backyard with friends and family, the first big camping trip or major hike of the season, and the official kick start of everything summer. For those of us w...
RF-V16 -The best kids trackers: Using wearables for child safety[2016-06-23 08:01:04]
Due to the advancement of GPS technology, keeping track of children is becoming much easier with kids wearables. With a GPS system you can pinpoint the exact position of the person youre looking for using a map on your smartphone or website...
Best pet tracking systems-solar GPS tracker RF-V26[2016-06-23 08:00:26]
Nowaday pet tracking systems are so sophisticated that they can find your cat, dog, farm animal and also can help you find your pet and possibly save your pets life. Some of the trackers are very expensive but there is also less expensive t...
The benefits of raising cattle using Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS positioning system[2016-05-19 09:45:36]
The owners using solar GPS positioning system have felt great convenience of science and technology. But as for these people who just learned to use solar GPS positioning system to raise cattle, they maybe dont know the system, so I think i...
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