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  • How to find out a missing pet What to Do if You Lose Your PetHow to find out a missing pet What to Do if You Lose Your Pet Getting the word out early is the key to getting your dog or cat back safely and soundly. Dont wait your pet come back by himself in a few hours. As soon as you aware that your p...

    07-20 2017

  • RF-V30 pet tracker is designed for you and your loved petHave you ever lost your pet? Dont worried, here we have a uesful tip for you,which enable you to find your loved pet easily. It makes the pet owner exhausted becauase their pet get lost again and again. Recently, auntie Wang has met a sad t...

    07-20 2017

  • ReachFar's successful trip to Hong Kong Electronics FairDuring 13-16th,Oct, our companyReachFar Tech participated the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair, where we had a booth and exhibited our GPS trackers. Led by our sales manager, Susan, our exhibition is very successful Our crew and booth on e...

    10-20 2016

  • Importance of Buying a Reachfar GPS TrackerWith the development of science and technology, inventions of many important devices have taken place. Nowadays, there is a very good device in the market. This device is known as GPS tracker. China Shenzhen Reachfar Technology Co., Ltd. is...

    10-13 2016

  • Which is more Brilliant Idea For How To Find Your Kids Quickly In Case They Get Lost In A Crowd1. Traditional way; Summer is officially here and many parents are taking their kids to amusement parks, local fairs, festivals, and other popular places. However, keeping kids safe at events where there are thousands of people can be a rea...

    10-13 2016

  • T-Mobile responds to AT&T’s upcoming 2G shutdown with free service for IoT customersT-Mobile is no stranger to poking fun at the other major U.S. competitors and the moves that they make, and today T-Mo is putting ATT in its sights. T-Mobile says that its throwing a lifeline to ATT Internet of Things (IoT) customers but of...

    10-12 2016

  • Wang Baoqiang’s divorces shows importance of having GPS trackerChinese actor Wang Baoqiang has published a surprise announcement on his Weibo account (Chinas Twitter-like micro-blogging platform) saying he will divorce his wife Ma Rong and accused Ma of cheating on him with his manager. In the posting...

    08-15 2016

  • IPet-The Perfect Cat GPS trackerCats are the worlds most popular pet. The combination of being affectionate as well as independent has a certain appeal. Not needing a daily walk or lengthy training and being quite happy to have time on their own, makes cats one of the eas...

    08-01 2016

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