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The Development Status of Pet Industry

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At present, global pet market is maturing, keeping pet is the one of symbol of developed society. The increasing number of pets pushes the pet product industry grow a lot. A large number of pet food, clothing, jewelry, beauty appliances, toys, furniture, and other pet product such as pet GPS tracker influx of the market. And all of those pet products become more and more standardization, normalization and internationalization.

In 2015, the size of global pet market is about US$105 billion. The global pet market were up 5% year on year from 2010 to 2015. The United States which is the world's largest and most mature pet consumer market, the total expenditure of pet industry is around 60.28 billion US dollars. And size of pet industry in some Europe country and Japan also reached a certain level.

As the developing of pet culture, the status of pet has improved continuously which is from livestock become pet, even been a family member. A lot of pets are regard as “My Baby” by pet owner. Owners will take care them very well, and the pets really depends on the owners and will help owners to release some pressure. They are family. Unfortunately, there is a very bad news: My Pet Lost! This is really sad. So, how to avoid this? I think our GPS tracker maybe can help you a lot.

We have three types Pet GPS tracker: RF-V30, RF-V32 and RF-V40. All of them are located by GPS+LBS+WIFI+AGPS. Different locating ways match different area which can assure you may find your pet in any situation. And all devices has inserted SIM card, using the Cellular Mobile Communication to realize the most accurate and reliable localization method and it has no regional restriction.

The RF-V30 is the most cost-effective pet tracker. RF-V32 is the wireless charger one, and RF-V40 is the 3G version. Which one is the most suitable for you? Welcome you to know more about Pet GPS Tracker!