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Thief! Anti-theft!

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  As city-dwellers grow richer, private cars are becoming more and more popular. And some related problems are followed, the most serious problem is Theft! According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there were an estimated 717,373 motor vehicle thefts per year in United States, costing $4.3 billion. These statistics show averaging one motor vehicle theft every 44.1 seconds. What a terrible news!

  When you got your love car, you must have the strongly awareness of anti-theft, whether you are leaving the car for 30 minutes or 3 days. Many owners feel that it’s very small risk if just leave 30 minutes, as car is a so big size private property. You are wrong! Because modern thieves have super skill in stealing, they can open your car within 3 minutes and then drive away your car. So, develop the awareness of anti-theft please!

  After developed the awareness, you need adopt some anti-theft measure. It is very dangerous if your car has no any anti-theft device! We suggest you can add a mechanical anti-theft lock first. Mechanical anti-theft device is the most common and cheapest price one, the main function is locking the steering wheel and control pedal or handle. But it is a little inconvenient. Then you can install a good anti-theft system. But you should know that thief can use PC decoders or key coders to decode locks in a short period of time. What should we do if the thief has driven away the car? ReachFar has a device can help you, following is the details about that device.

  RF-V8 is a mini size car GPS tracker which has no tracking area limited, you can know the position of your car wherever it is. With coin size and low-key appearance, RF-V8 is hard to detect and easy to hide, so it will not easily be destroyed by thief. It needn’t disassemble installation, needn’t connect other power supply, you just insert the SIM card is OK! Not only has real-time tracking function, RF-V8 has voice monitory, noise sensor alarm, vibration sensor alarm, historical route playback, Geo-fence function also. Comprehensive tracking status of your car to help you get back your car as soon as possible.

  In a word, both the awareness and device of anti-theft are important. Caring is the best way of anti-theft.